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Accreditation B

Decree of the National Accreditation Board

Number 013/BAN-PT/Ak-XIV/S1/VII/2011


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Stara tiered study programs PGSD-1 was inaugurated on 5 July 2002 based on the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture Studies Program PGSD levels pendiriaan Strata-1 No.: 400.b/Dikti/Kep/1992. Implementation Guidance and Counseling Program PGSD UNS began in August 2006. Operational Permit Decree number 564/D/T2007 course tertangal 20 March 2007. Guidance and Counseling Program UNS PGSD this in 1990 Tiered D2, along with the times, educational institutions demanded that students be able to pass the science and leading edge technology, have the skills needed to work in an era gobalisai and ready to face the competition. Qualification elementary schools should receive serious attention, because of school education is the foundation that will greatly affect the quality of education to the next level. In order to organize the government has sought to anticipate an increase in the quality of education in primary. Although the improvement of elementary school teachers can in trying to complete in many aspects, but there are indications that that teachers are better able to understand the child's elementary school and wider bewawasan, the elementary school teachers need to be increased in level strata kualitasnyasampai 1. This is in line with Decree No. minister 26 year 1989 which stipulates that the professorship is functional. To cope with future developments, the course PGSD FKIP UNS feel the need to improve the implementation of the educational program is only menyelengarakna studiPGSD D2 levels, to start penyelngarakan S1 PGSD Studies Program. According to the National Accreditation Board decree No.: 013/Guidance and Counseling Program PGSD Ban-PT/Ak-XIV/S1/VII/2011 UNS got akriditasi "B". Prodi is expected to have terakriditasinya PGSD can improve the quality and professionalism of prospective elementary teachers.


Based on the standard grade teacher competency (SKGK) S1 graduate school PGSD should have four competencies that: (1) Mastery field of study, (2) Understanding of learners (3) Mastery learning that educates, and (4) Development of personality and professionalism. Competence above can be compared with: pedagogical, competence, personality, professional competence, and social competence. Based on the vision, mission, and objectives PGSD Program FKIP UNS, PGSD curriculum emphasizes professional graduates with strong character and smart by having:

  1. Pedagogical, personality, professional, get social.
  2. Motivation and ability to menyelesaina tasks - assignments in the learning process
  3. Courage in expressing opinions and ideas in a creative and innovative both in and outside of lecture.
  4. Kemempuan to organize the learning process quality and productive.
  5. Kemempuan to provide educational services to meet the satisfaction of learners.
  6. Kemempuan access learning information for the achievement of innovative learning.
  7. Kemempuan to create a conducive environment for academic susasna berlangsungya process quality education.


Keungulan owned Prodi PGSD FKIP UNS is able to develop the potential of local wisdom independently in the national and international level. To increase competency elective courses students are given the task of supporting local sebgai. This course freely chosen by the students according to their interests and talents among the elective courses Javanese culture (2 SKS), Music skills (2 SKS), Batik Skills (2 SKS), Art of dance (2 SKS), and musical art (2 SKS). KeungulanSKSian of Prodi PGSD FKIP UNS be of service to students in the form of guidance and counseling , development interests and talents (extracurricular) Scouts form, Bola Voli, Art Karawitan, soft coaching skiil, scholarships, and health care units (medical center). To improve teaching skills PGSD FKIP UNS working with partner agencies, embodied in the form of Mou (memorandum of Understandiof). Until now PGSD already working with more than 35 Elementary schools in Surakarta and surrounding areas. The results of the development of students' interests and talents, required results in the form of student presentations at several competitions at regional and local.


To keep track of job and program alumni absorption studies using tracer studies PGSD (tracer study) through legalization on line and peremuan routine with alumni. Based on the performance results of the questionnaire 100 UNS FKIP PGSD graduates by the users of 84% states are either graduates PGSD. While based on the results tracer study 100% PGSD graduates to work as teachers in primary schools both public and private.

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